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2021 FemtoMat &
2022 Nano and Photonics conference

Mauterndorf Castle, Mauterndorf
Salzburg, Austria

9th and 10th European Conference on Applications of Femtosecond Lasers in Materials Science FemtoMat 2021

The science, technology and application of femtosecond lasers matured to a level that a critical review of the state of the art, results are timely and possible to assist in signposting future trends of development. Although being well represented in the programme of all recent (and announced) conferences on laser applications in materials science (in the broadest possible sense, including basic aspects and manufacturing, electronic, sensor, optoelectronic and biomedical applications, nanoscience, etc.), the FemtoMAT conferences represent the topical conference devoted exclusively to the present status and application of femtosecond lasers in materials science.

March, 2021, on line conference

March 14 – 16, 2022, Mauterndorf Castle, Mauterndorf, Salzburg, Austria